image text Flyertoss combines the gifts and talents of all our members to produce better results. Our diversity provides more business to everyone who participates. Now your friends, neighbors or customers can pass your documents / videos / social links is just a few seconds and all in one place.


We combine the gifts and talents of all our members to produce better results for everyone who participates.

  1. Now friends,neighbors or customers can pass your documents/videos/social links in seconds.
  2. You can Add, change or update your information in real time directly from your dashboard
  3. After registration it’s easy to set up and maintain You are able to start using the system in approx. one hour.
  4. Find and connect to others who inspire,train and show positive results though action.
  5. Provide referrals to businesses or individuals who truly care and show appreciation for each other.

Did you know?

A referral is 60% more effective and overall less costly than standard promotion. One happy customer can be more valuable than $10,000 worth of advertising.Helping others is powerful it provides a solution while empowering the receiver to pass it on 40% of print ads are taken to landfills unopened each day. We stop waste while making it easier to connect